Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mash Note to Rachel Maddow

As a moderate Liberal, I'm not a big fan of Rachel Maddow; too strident and too far left of center-- a sort of mirror image of Rush Limbaugh. But she's now come up with (on MSNBC) a witheringly accurate indictment of GOP hypocrisy vis a vis the Stimulus package.

The Administration's quest for bi-partisanship is, she believes, hopelessly and naively quixotic, given the lockstep determination of Republicans to monolithically oppose any Democratic policy initiative, the good of the country notwithstanding.

Hers is the most well-constructed and vividly graphic assessment of the sorry situation that I've seen to date. Watch it at:

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  1. Arthur:
    I agree with your assessment of Maddow often being the flip side of the Limbaugh coin.Her comments can be as strident/partisan as her conservative colleagues. Her remarks regarding Republican hypocracy when addressing the stimulus program,however,are not an exaggeration. Her factual presentation, simply points out that our "representatives" in Congress will always assume credit for measures that enhance their status among their local constituency, while opposing the very Congressional legislative action that created these benefits. Apparently, their Republican "principles" can vary depending upon whether they're in DC or in the local district or state.