Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tempest in a Tea Party II

For those of you not intimately familiar with received reporter/source protocol -- and sufficiently interested to want to find out -- Marc Ambinder, writing in the Atlantic Monthly, has put together a primer on the differences between "on the record", "on background", "on deep background" and "off-the record". This might be useful in helping you to sort out whether, as suggested in my previous post on this subject, Harry Reid might have been blindsided into making his tone-deaf remark about Barack Obama. The "tea party" reference in my original title has rapidly become unrelevant as the story enters the third day of its news cycle and outraged cries of "double-standard!" have migrated from the conservative fringe to the GOP mainstream, while the far juicier tidbits in Game Change have been eclipsed by the Reid tempest.

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