Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ed Murrow, Where Are You When We Need You?

Presumably I'm not the only news junkie who sees the relocation of CBS News' programs enmasse to Miami, in order to cross-plug its Superbowl coverage, as yet further evidence that that division has now been relegated to the role of shill for its parent corporation's other interests. (See my Show Biz post of 1/5/10).

All us big kids are well aware that journalism is a business, subject to the same tyranny of the bottom line as any other enterprise; but the press has tried -- in its recent history, at least -- to construct an impervious wall between its editorial and business arms, albeit not always with unmitigated success.

To be charitable, perhaps this just the way CBS News is repaying its debt to the NFL for those terrific Sunday lead-ins that have helped to keep 60 Minutes at the top of the ratings heap all these years.

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  1. Cross promotion of events started when ABC named Roone Arledge as President of their news division. Everyone was appalled when he started promoting 20/20 segments on World News. Now it is just accepted.

    NBC will do the same at the Olympics.

    The American public gets so little of its news from these organizations that it probably no longer matters.

    Dave B