Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Morning After

So, here it is, the morning after Election Day on Cape Cod, and the burghers of mid-Cape are drinking their prune juice, reading the morning papers and shaking their heads in shocked disbelief over the double whammy of a Romney defeat and a Warren win, while mumbling about the perfidy of the washashores in Provincetown and Falmouth for contributing to this epic fail.

One sign of normalcy is that the guys from the lawn maintenance company are outside, performing their weekly chores with mower and blower. But wait, haven’t they noticed that there’s a 55mph gale blowing (really!) and that the leaves, after a brief lofting by the blower are resettling right back where they were moments before, only to then be blown clear across the lawn by the gale, thereby effecting a virtual lawn sweep courtesy of Mother Nature.

I scratch my graying head, trying to decide whether this is devotion to duty beyond any call, or a world class example of shoveling s**t against the tide.

Sort of reminds me of those mid-Cape Republican voters.

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